Private Life

I have never written a single book. I know that it is the latest craze, but the people who know me are familiar with the fact that I do not pursue trends, and moreover, I have an overwhelming impression that I am better at wielding a scalpel than a pen. To others, who for years have told me that they would gladly read my book about stories taken straight from the life of a certain surgeon, I replied jokingly, “when and where would you like me to commit such an ‘oeuvre’”? In the operating room? In the office while talking to patients? Or maybe at night, at home, when I get back after a usual hard day’s work – then the book would be as strained as I was. And who needs strained books? But seriously, I have never felt such a need or mission. Yet, it feels awkward when someone has an irresistible need to write a few, usually warm, words about me. Later, when I read those about myself, I always become convinced that I wouldn’t be able to write about myself so beautifully.

But I don’t want to imply anything to you, see for yourself…

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