Achievements and awards



Awarded distinctions:

  1. Gloria Medicinae Medal (The highest distinction of the Polish Medical Society)
    For more information about the medal, please visit the Society’s website.
    The distinction was awarded in 2011. More information can be found here.
  2. Złoty Skalpel (Golden Scalpel) – 2011, more information on Puls Medycyny. The interview is available on
  3. Knight’s Cross of the Order of Polonia Restituta
  4. Officer’s Cross of the Republic of Poland, Kraków, 7th October 2012
  5. The City of Kraków’s Man of the Year – 2013 – Gazeta Krakowska
  6. Złota Myśl (Golden Thought)
  7. Mecenas Zdrowia (Patron of Health)
  8. Złote Serce (Golden Heart)
  9. Okazane Serce (The Kindness Shown)
  10. Serce za Serce (A Heart for a Heart)
  11. For the great Heart, the prize of the President of the City of Kraków – Małopolanin of the Year.
  12. Złoty spinacz (Golden Paperclip)
  13. Medal of the President of the City of Kraków
  14. Diploma of recognition at the X Interventional Cardiology Workshop